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February 24, 2020 Los Angeles Download


LA Artist Jen Stark’s Technicolored Murals Will Catch Your Eye in Downtown Los Angeles

February 24th, 2020 Los Angeles, CA — Downtown Los Angeles’ premier shopping destination, FIGat7th, will debut its newest public art installation, Light Spectrum, by Los Angeles-based artist Jen Stark, whose work is driven by her interest in conceptualizing visual systems to simulate plant growth, evolution, topography, and sacred symbols.  Starting February 24th, Stark’s intricate bursts of color will be featured on the public spaces throughout FIGat7th. Light Spectrum will also feature a groundbreaking translucent aspect created by the artist for this installation.  The installation is sponsored by Arts Brookfield, Brookfield Properties’ arts and events program designed to present free, world-class cultural experiences in public spaces through concerts, dance, visual art, community events, and more.

Stark, known for her vibrant color displays, has created a hypnotizing installation that will be seen throughout the popular shopping destination in the heart of DTLA.  Figat7th’s second-floor railings and grand staircase will have translucent vinyl that cast prismatic coloring onto the ground below as the sun transitions throughout the day, a newly developed concept by the artist.  Stark will create opaque vinyl on the plaza elevator shaft and her signature psychedelic colored drips that will accent the top of the FIGat7th columns.  The vivid colors she implements throughout the center are directly related to the natural world, inspired by the unique pigmentation of flowers or the wonder of bioluminescent sea creatures and microorganisms that live in the depths of the deep sea.

Artist Jen Stark says, “…this immersive installation will extend beyond the panels, bringing a spectrum of colored light patterns to its surrounding environment when the sun shines through it. I’m excited to see the shadows shift like a sundial from day to night.”

This unique psychedelic installation, free and open to the public, will create a prismatic vibe for all visitors to FIGat7th. For more information about Jen Stark, visit

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