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The Roof

Pinaree Sanpitak exhibition, visual art

April 19, 2017 - July 5, 2017

8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Brookfield Place New York (BFPL)
Winter Garden
230 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10821

Floating above the Winter Garden, The Roof is a site-specific suspended sculpture by Thai artist, Pinaree Sanpitak that celebrates collaboration and coexistence. The Roof is composed of translucent canopies hanging among the Winter Garden palm trees that create a literal but temporary ‘roof.’ Made from raw silk, glass fiber, non-woven fabric, wires, hooks, chains and aluminum modular truss, The Roof was constructed to interact with the architecture of Brookfield Place — as well as the palms and the people who pass through each day, forming a delicate, surreal shelter within the walls of the Winter Garden.



Pinaree Sanpitak is one of the most compelling and respected Thai artists of her generation, and her work can be counted among the most powerful explorations of women’s experience in all of Southeast Asia. Her primary inspiration has been the female body, distilled to its most basic forms and imbued with an ethereal spirituality. The quiet, Zen-like abstraction of her work owes something to her training in Japan and sets it somewhat apart from the colorful intensity of much Thai art. Her rigorous focus on the female form, explored through a variety of media – painting, drawing, sculpture, textiles, ceramics, performance, and culinary arts, to name but a few – has resulted in an astoundingly varied and innovative body of work. For the past twenty years, a central motif in her work has been the female breast, which she relates to imagery of the natural world and to the iconic forms of the Buddhist stupa (shrine) and offering bowl. Often called a feminist or Buddhist artist, she resists such easy categorizations, preferring to let her work speak to each viewer directly, to the heart and soul, with the most basic language of form, color, and texture. Her work is not lacking in a conceptual framework, but it is one informed primarily by a deeply felt spiritual sense rather than by rigid dogmas or ideological constructs.

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