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Perry Flash Fong: Afterglow

exhibition, visual art

August 17, 2020 - November 6, 2020

8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

2 MetroTech Center
2 MetroTech Center
New York, 11201

Curated by Brooklyn Arts Council

Artist Perry Flash Fong aims to transform and energize the 2 MetroTech Center lobby with his largest work to date, Afterglow. Through his use of abstract geometry, dimensional shapes, and conceptual references within this large-scale artwork, passersby are fully immersed in an aesthetic experience that balances complexity with minimalism, conveying both a kinetic rhythm and a sense of peace. The geometry and color palette used in Afterglow reference notions of growth, balance, and juxtaposition in life including, day and night, sunrise and sunset, and urban and natural forms, all presented together in harmony. His work also channels the energy of New York City and the vibrant culture and endless possibilities it presents. For all who pass by, Flash’s work provides a moment of introspection and solace, as well as an invigoration for life and all that lies ahead.


Born and raised in San Francisco, Perry Flash Fong is an abstract geometric artist living in New York City. His inspiration stems from creating shapes, forms, and perspectives, which form designs that capture a precise moment in time. Instead of planning things out beforehand, Flash engages in a spontaneous process that allows him to develop his vision and discover an artwork’s character, as he goes.

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