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Passing Through by Scottie Burgess

wood and mixed media sculpture

Republic Plaza
370 17th Street
Denver, CO 80202

On View Now

Republic Plaza presents Passing Through, a large site-specific installation by local artist Scottie Burgess. Filling and energizing the 17th Street-side lobby corridor, Passing Through consists of multiple wooden rectangular forms that trace the ever-changing Republic Plaza silhouette experienced through its viewer’s fluid perspective, creating a dynamic arrangement that references time, the building and the lives that traverse through its spaces.

Concurrently, Passing Through’s free form assemblage creates a dynamic geometric cascade in motion. Textural forms seem to pass through its spaces and these artful inhabitants are as unique and colorful as the people’s personalities that brighten downtown Denver.

To view the piece, the public should use the 16th Street Mall entrance to Republic Plaza. As per requirements from the City and County of Denver, masks are required for visitors.  Hand sanitizer is also available inside the building.

“Being both perfectly rectangular and the tallest skyscraper in Denver, Republic Plaza is a distinct marker to Denver’s skyline,” states Burgess. “Whether it be for work, a specific errand, or to experience art, thousands of people traverse its doors daily, the building humming with activity by its diverse inhabitants. All walks of life pass through and exist amidst the building, animating its spaces with vibrancy and color. Viewed from many perspectives as passersby and the building’s inhabitants move in and around the architecture, its rectangular shape essentially tumbles through their view.”

“Furthermore,” continues the artist, “additional to the original concept and being informed and made during this pandemic and during these important protests, this idea of Passing Through has now taken on multiple meanings. Passing Through now also illustrates these significant moments we are living through. It’s been quite poetic and again has informed and altered my process and ultimately the finalized piece.”

Scottie Burgess is a native to Colorado and is the same artist who created Ties Forward for Republic Plaza previously. He received dual BFA’s with emphases in Digital Design and Sculpture/Transmedia at the University of Colorado Denver, graduating with honors. As a child, Burgess earned a scholarship to study at the Bemis School of Art. Later, his interests took him to explore other creative disciplines, including philosophy and music technology, later involving a position at the Denver Center of Performing Arts, exploring the practices of live sound and audio engineering. He apprenticed under Denver artist John McEnroe, is a member at Pirate: Contemporary Art, and is active in the performance casting community. Recently his work was included in the Biennial 600: Textile/Fiber at the AMoA, Amarillo Museum of Art, curated by Alec Unkovic, the exhibitions Manager from the influential Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, PA. Burgess also works in the public art realm. Work has been commissioned by the Downtown Colorado Springs Partnership to be included in their permanent collection, and the Museum of Outdoor Arts.

In addition to studio and public art, Burgess has a background in design, which has included studying abroad in Copenhagen at DIS. His current design endeavor involves the development of The Center of Arts as Systemic Change, employing interdisciplinary creatives to advance profound awareness-based change. He has also recently been certified by INDEX: Design to Improve Life, aiming to use creativity as a tool to facilitate positive change worldwide.


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