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Monica Bill Barnes: Days go by

Monica Bill Barnes & Company dance

October 3, 2019 - October 6, 2019

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Brookfield Place New York (BFPL)
230 Vesey Street
New York, NY 10821

Monica Bill Barnes & Company, “the most imaginative dance company I have ever experienced” (Vice), turns our attention to the otherwise lost moments that add up into our days with their new show, Days go by. Their self-assigned mission to bring dance where it doesn’t belong has lead them to throw weekly office parties turned dance shows in their long running Happy Hour, choreographed workouts in the beloved The Museum Workout at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and now a new piece for Arts Brookfield that captures those last few moments of fight we have in us as the sun sets behind the Hudson River and we wonder what the day has delivered.


Days go by is set in the public atrium of Brookfield Place crowded with people moving among the palm trees against a backdrop of Hollywood style sunsets as they go about their day. Our large-scale, site-specific work will embed performers throughout the public space, transforming it into a symphony of movement and interactions that reveals the depths of our ideals and the hilarious heartbreak that sets in as the clock winds through our days.  Set to a soundtrack of forgotten tracks and one hit wonders, Days go by blurs reality with the theatrical and places big hearted dancing alongside the everyday comings and goings of life in a city. This world premiere performance asks the audience to look closer at the heart warming, painstaking, heroic events happening to and around us each and everyday.

You are carrying too many bags.
You still can’t find your chapstick.
You think you can get it all done.
You can’t seem to end a conversation.
You think you see someone you know.
You just need a second. 

The disregarded moments add up into the day.  And by the end, there’s a gulf between what we set out to do and what the day has become.


Monica Bill Barnes & Company is a contemporary American dance company that brings dance where it does not belong.  We create and produce each work entirely from its own rulebook—dancing to radio interviews on the biggest stages in the world, hosting a weekly show in a crowded office party, or leading a choreographed exercise routine in an art museum.  Within each of these new contexts and borrowed environments, we constantly find humor in our awkward, everyday triumphs and failures.


Monica Bill Barnes is a choreographer, performer, and the Artistic Director of Monica Bill Barnes & Company. Barnes founded MBB&CO in 1997 with a collection of solos that could be performed anywhere. The company has performed in venues ranging from Upright Citizen’s Brigade to The Sydney Opera House, and has been presented in more than 100 cities throughout the US and internationally.  Barnes has worked in film, theater, and set over 30 different works on college students all over the country. Recent company projects include The Museum Workout, a guided exercise tour of art museums made in collaboration with the author/visual artist Maira Kalman; Happy Hour, an immersive office party dance show; Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host, a show that combines radio and dance in collaboration with Ira Glass; and The Running Show, a new touring show inspired by the company’s award winning off-Broadway production that turns dance into a live sporting event.


Robert Saenz de Viteri began working in theater as an audio script assistant to Anna Deveare Smith.  He has created performances and toured productions throughout the world with the Obie Award winning Nature Theater of Oklahoma.  He has created, produced, and performed in Happy Hour, The Museum Workout, and One Night Only with Monica Bill Barnes & Company. Some of his other favorite projects include producing This American Life Episode 528, “The Radio Drama Episode” live on stage at BAM, directing Rachel Bonds’s Michael & Edie, and creating and performing The Spiritual Life of Modern America, a collaboration in Norway based on the experiences of foreigners traveling in America today. He was honored to receive a 2018 Miss Lilly Award for his contributions to women in theater.


Created by Monica Bill Barnes & Robbie Saenz de Viteri
Choreographed by Monica Bill Barnes
Written by Robbie Saenz de Viteri
Lighting Design by Jane Cox
Scenic Design by Kelly Hanson
Sound Design by Shane Rettig
Rehearsal Direction by Flannery Gregg

Production Support by Elizabeth Ferman