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Michael Whiting


April 29, 2014 - June 1, 2015

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Republic Plaza
370 17th Street
Denver, CO 80202

Mike Whiting’s most recent monumental sculptures “Lucky Rabbit Head” and “Little Green Man” continue his ongoing exploration of minimalism as referenced by early video-game technology, as well as “pixel” based concepts that continue to thrive in both contemporary art and gaming culture. This is the first time that Whting has crafted a “pair” of sculptures, interrelated in a manner that is playful and at a massive scale, each being the inverse of the other. The concept perfectly reflects Whiting’s engagement with minimalist tendencies in art, the opposing forms relating to two completely different figures yet being the exact same outside of the chosen orientation and color choice. The associated colors have diverse cultural reference points that engage the viewer in different ways, completing a visual presence that captivates the public and becomes a striking beacon for the Republic Plaza site.