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Mathew V in Concert at First Canadian Place


April 25, 2018

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

First Canadian Place
100 King St. W.,
Toronto, M5X 1H3

Singer/songwriter Mathew V grew up studying classical opera in Vancouver, but it was when he got home and closed his bedroom door that he turned to the music he truly loved: Britney Spears. His affection for pop only heightened upon moving to London, England at the age of 17 and immersing himself in albums by Jessie J, Adele, Sam Smith and Amy Winehouse. “There was always this craving inside me to pursue pop. When I got older and had the chance to find my own voice,” he says, “it was nice to explore the music that I listened to in my free time.” Mathew returned to Canada with a renewed sense of passion and purpose, self-releasing his first EP Sounds in 2016–which gained over 1.5 million streams online. Now signed to 604
Records, Mathew V is set to release his full-length debut, The Fifth, in 2018.

Combining high-soaring notes with gritty soul and unguarded emotion, The Fifth looks to pick up where Sounds left off, showcasing Mathew’s power ballads set against poppy instrumentals. Collaborating with Canadian talents Dan Mangan, Royal Wood, and DiRTY RADiO, Mathew V aims to deliver more than just a catchy song, tapping into his audience’s raw emotions.

“If [people] connect with my music,” he says, “that means that they’ve probably gone through something, and they’ve felt the same thing that I have. And in that sense they understand me just as much as I understand them.”