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Allison Kunath visual art

May 27, 2019 - December 25, 2020

8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Wells Fargo Center
333 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90071


A visual art installation by Allison Kunath

Allison Kunath serves as the second artist selected for the rotating mural wall at Wells Fargo Center in Bunker Hill of DTLA. For one year, her murals will decorate the driveway walls of the Hope Street exit from Wells Fargo Center as part of Arts Brookfield’s year round programming at Brookfield’s commercial office properties in downtown Los Angeles. The images are visual representations of LA pride and send good vibes to nearby pedestrians and property tenants as they move on to their next destination.


Kunath’s work is fueled by the tension between her thirst for solitude and hunger for connection. Creating self-reflective work that explores communication and various forms of connection, Kunath says ‘Relationship is my greatest teacher,’ and it is also her greatest inspiration. Examining her relationship to herself, her community, and her environment, she makes works that are meditative responses to those connections. Her studio works are primarily on paper and canvas, and her murals can be found in the US, Mexico, Panama and Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Travel plays an important role in her creative process, and it’s become her favorite tool for accessing fresh approaches and inspiration. Each new destination offers her a chance to relate to both herself and her work in a different way, often resulting in notable shifts in her style and palette. Her travels are catalogued through a color-map created by her work while on the road. Kunath is currently based in Joshua Tree, CA.


Arts Brookfield presents exciting, world-class cultural experiences to thousands of people for free each year in both indoor and outdoor public spaces at Brookfield’s premier office properties in New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, Toronto, Perth and Sydney. From concerts, theater and dance to film screenings and art exhibitions, Arts Brookfield brings public spaces to life.

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