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Joy! by Betsy Margolius

painting, visual art

February 4, 2019 - June 28, 2019

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

1801 California
1801 California Street
Denver, CO 80202

Free Opening Reception
Wednesday, March 20th,  5:00 – 7:00 pm *
1801 California Lobby


Arts Brookfield presents Joy! by Betsy Margolius from February 4 through June 28 at 1801 California in downtown Denver. Margolius was commissioned to create a site-specific installation that wraps the lobby columns, and her work elicits a smile and feelings of warmth, beauty and harmony. Crisp floral patterns in vivid poppy-red wind their way up seven massive columns. The space is immediately transformed from a white-marbled business environment into a veritable garden.

The flora and fauna patterning printed on vinyl sheeting is reminiscent of Margolius’s traditional paintings and prints that are reflections from her own garden. In contrast to her usual work, Joy! visually veers off dramatically as stylized forms in a singular, almost shocking persimmon-red color. The sheer vibrancy and scale of this piece are impressive, but it is the lyrical nature of the lines and shapes crafted by Margolius that provide the most power to its appeal.

Like vines on a trellis, or Jack’s beanstalk, the upward motion of the design reaching 16-feet up toward the ceiling is uplifting and evokes a sense of intrigue and the promise of spring—bringing a sense of “Joy!” to the viewer.

See more of Betsy Margolius’ work at betsymargolius.com.

Curated by Archer Concept Group.


*  Opening Reception has been rescheduled to March 20th due to inclement weather expected March 13th. 

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