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Everything That Keeps Us Together

Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn exhibition, visual art

One Liberty Plaza
165 Broadway
New York, NY 10006

Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn
Everything That Keeps Us Together
, 2018 

Acrylic on Sheet Rock

Jessie Unterhalter and Katey Truhn are a Baltimore based artist team striving to transform public spaces into playful and vibrant experiences. The duo met while at Maryland Institute College of Art in 2001, forming a lasting, creative friendship and artistic collaboration. Since 2011, Jessie and Katey have been consistently creating large-scale, public murals. The all-inclusive and socially engaging nature of creating art for the public is a driving force in their art making. Inspired by the architectural surfaces of each environment, their dynamic paintings often curve around corners and spill onto the ground. Their work explores themes of movement and symmetry, inspired by bold color combinations, patterns in nature, and woven textiles. The collaborative effort of each one of their designs results in a multitude of interlocking shapes, often finding a balance in an abstracted landscape.

See more of their work at jessieandkatey.com and @jessieandkatey.


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