Sierras I, II, III, IV

Antonio Murado

Wells Fargo Center
333 S. Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Antonio Murado
Sierras I, II, III, IV, 2016
Oil on canvas
144 x 84 inches each (4 paintings)

Antonio Murado paints realistic settings disrupted by blocks of bold, bright colors. From a distance, the work in his Sierras series appear to depict photo realist scenes. When viewed closely, the rural landscape dissolves entirely and the bright swaths of paint interrupt the perceived narrative and the viewer’s expectations. Murado is interested in the idea that our eye seeks recognizable forms, creating a visual narrative where there are only brushstrokes. The addition of bold vivid bands into his nineteenth-century landscape paintings blends abstraction with representation to disrupt the expected narrative and engage the eye.

Murado has exhibited internationally for over two decades. His work is held by several Spanish museums and is included in important public and private collections throughout Europe and the United States. Born in Lugo, Spain, the artist currently lives and works in New York.