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Shelter of Desire
New works by Xi Zhang
February 9, 2017 - April 28, 2017
1801 California, Denver

The paintings presented in “Shelter of Desire” are some of the most recent of artist Xi Zhang from a major, ongoing series “Metallic Leaf Garden,” which was initiated in 2014. The paintings explore how the individual’s mind re-shapes one’s physical environment. Contemporary psychological theory allows that our conscious, emotions and subconscious can be akin to “paint” that consistently colors our reality. The artist’s investigation towards this incorporates a variety of individual psychological realms, depicting them in fictionalized surroundings to justify the relationship between one’s perception and one’s reality. He utilizes a mixture of expressionist/abstract aesthetics in a subtle, theatrical way to construct the characters’ environments, reflecting on their internal thoughts, struggles, personality, and/or problems.

Curated by Andra Archer for Arts Brookfield.


Thursday, February 16
4:30-7:00 PM



Born in 1984 in Kaifeng, China, Xi Zhang has been immersed in the practice of art throughout his entire life. Upon completion of his studies in painting at China’s Beijing Institute of Art and Design, he moved to the United States to further his artistic training at Denver, Colorado’s Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from RMCAD in 2008, and that same year was recognized by then Denver Post art critic Kyle MacMillan as the “Emerging Artist of the Year” for his “well developed, surprisingly mature vision.” Zhang continued from there with his masters studies in painting at the University of Colorado, Boulder, receiving his MFA from the institution in 2011.  That same year he was named one of the “12 Best Colorado Artists Under 35” as well as one of seven “Pathfinders” in the arts also by MacMillan in the Denver Post.

Zhang has presented his work in a number of notable solo exhibitions including “12921” at Rule Gallery, Denver, “Shows Promise” at the Jeppessen Terminal of Denver International Airport, and “11 Ceremonies” at Plus Gallery, Denver. In 2011 he was commissioned by CNN for their “Ripple” online international art project in commemoration of the ten year anniversary of 9/11, with his painting receiving more than four million hits from the news channels website. Later that year Zhang delivered a Logan Lecture at the Denver Art Museum as part of the prestigious series’ fall focus on International Contemporary Chinese Artists. In 2012 Zhang received his United States citizenship as an “Artist of extraordinary ability,” paving his way forward towards a career as a US-based artist. His work has been acquired by some of the most prominent contemporary collectors and curators in the state of Colorado.

Window Galleries: London from the Rooftops
James Burns
February 5, 2017 - March 10, 2017
Canary Wharf, London

The Window Galleries series at Canada Place showcases up-and-coming artists, designers and craftspeople.



Since 2006, James Burns has been working with owners and developers of London’s tallest buildings, gaining a unique vantage point from which to build his unrivaled collection of breath-taking panoramas. Capturing the dramatic interplay of London’s skyline with fleeting moments of wonder in the skies above, these are not your typical postcard scenes but rare moments of beauty, intuitively revealed by James’s visionary imagination.

Window Galleries: U Jewelry
Urška Hvalica
February 5, 2017 - March 10, 2017
Canary Wharf, London

The Window Galleries series at Canada Place showcases up-and-coming artists, designers and craftspeople.



U Jewelry is a collection of textile pieces that celebrate traditional crafts. Each piece is handmade using textile and recycled yarns, the interwoven threads creating light and recognizably contemporary pieces.



Urška Hvalica, a Slovenian jewelry designer and architect currently based in London, works on design projects that reinterpret traditional crafts in a . Her designs are inspired by the three-dimensionality of an architectural space and the material potential of fabrics.

Mind the Gap
Birch Contemporary Gallery Artists+
February 2, 2017 - March 17, 2017
First Canadian Place, Toronto

Presented in partnership with Birch Contemporary, MIND THE GAP references First Canadian Place’s location as part of the PATH network that links to the subway system, where the well-worn phrase ‘Mind The Gap’ draws public attention to the empty space between the train and the subway platform.

The premise of this exhibition is to create awareness of a ‘gap’ of sorts, bringing attention to artworks produced between exhibitions or outside of more well-known bodies of work that have slipped into inventory without a formal public airing. MIND THE GAP brings these little-known works, many of which have never been officially exhibited, to the fore alongside significant works from gallery artists past and present.



Cathy Daley

Ed Pien

Howard Lonn

Louise Noguchi

Sean Stewart

Renée Van Halm

Kelly Richardson

Mitch Robertson

Martin Golland

Richard Storms

Janet Werner

Jaan Poldaas

Geometry and Movement: The Language of Color in Motion
Marta Chilindron
Graciela Hasper
January 25, 2017 - April 26, 2017
Total Plaza, Houston

In Geometry and Movement – The Language of Color in Motion, Argentinian artists Marta Chilindron and Graciela Hasper will explore geometry and transparency within their respective practices of sculpture and painting.

Curated by Sally Reynolds.

Marching Cubes
A sculpture by Jesse Colin Jackson
Curated by Pari Nadimi
January 17, 2017 - March 10, 2017
Grace Building, New York

Drawing inspiration from a computer algorithm of the same name, Jesse Colin Jackson’s Marching Cubes projects use 3-D printing to make the virtual world physical. In the 1980s, researchers devised an algorithm for generating computer graphics from medical scan data, which featured an underlying language of faceted cubes. Jackson has translated this virtual procedure into sculptures, which he assembles from a modular set of 3-D printed components. By enacting the algorithm in the real world, Marching Cubes generates dialogue about the ways in which information technologies create the building blocks of contemporary culture.

Marching Cubes #18, Jackson’s most recent assembly, is comprised of over 1,000 components 3-D printed from biodegradable plastic. More than 10,000 high-strength magnets connect the components into a sculptural form conceived in response to the Grace Building lobby. The edge of the steel tile base represents a virtual boundary, a reminder of the project’s computational origins. At the edge of the tiles, the sculpture’s faceted surface is interrupted, revealing the interior connections that permit Marching Cubes to turn the computational world into physical reality.

Curated by Pari Nadimi.



Jesse Colin Jackson’s practice is focused on object- and image-making as alternative modes of architectural production. He manipulates forms and ideas found in virtual and built environments through the expressive opportunities provided by digital fabrication and visualization technologies. His work has been the subject of several solo exhibitions, including Radiant City (Pari Nadimi Gallery, 2014), Automatic/Revisited (Latitude 44, 2013), and Usonia Road (Larry Wayne Richards Gallery, 2009). Jackson has received project funding from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology. Jackson is head of programs in Electronic Art and Design at the University of California, Irvine.

Winter Lights 2017
30 Spectacular Light Installations
January 16, 2017 - January 27, 2017
Canary Wharf, London

The Winter Lights sculptures, structures and installations are the creations of some of the most innovative artists and designers around today, presenting work in different forms of light technology. Together the artists represent four continents across the world with installations that are interactive, performance art or visual spectacles to be admired from afar.

Appealing to art lovers, families, young and the old, there is something for everyone from dusk and all for free. Best seen after 4PM, all the installations and light affects come alive during the evening until 9PM, so join us on a dark January evening and experience a wealth of inventive and spectacular light effects and sculptures that will illuminate the Canary Wharf skyline.

Click here to see the full list of participants in the Winter Lights Festival.

Green Canary Wharf  – All the installations are made as energy efficient as possible using mains power instead of generators and using LED lighting. Transportation of artworks and equipment is combined to reduce the number of journeys, using electric vehicles around the estate and local contractors are used as much as possible.

Liliane Lijn: Poemdrums and Koans
January 16, 2017 - March 11, 2017
Canary Wharf, London

American-born artist Liliane Lijn has lived and worked in Britain for most of her career. Working across a range of media – kinetic sculpture, film, performance, collage – she investigates language, mythology, light and matter. The cone or ‘koan’ has been her focus since the 1960s, explored in differing scales and materials. Her work is in collections world-wide and has been shown internationally, with numerous public commissions. In 2005 Lijn was ACE NASA, Leonardo Network artist in residence at the Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California.

This exhibition focusses on her sculpture, both static and kinetic, including work using the medium of light, specially chosen to coincide with Winter Lights at Canary Wharf. www.lilianelijn.com

Exhibition Tour: Tuesday, February 7, 6:30-7:15PM
Curator Ann Elliott tours the exhibition with Liliane Lijn. E-mail visualart@canarywharf.com to reserve a place.

Meet the Artist: Gary Taxali
January 12, 2017
First Canadian Place, Toronto

One of Globe and Mail’s Hottest Tickets in Town: Five Things to do in Toronto, the Unfamous: The Works of Gary Taxali exhibition is on now until January 27, 2017.

But for one day only, join us in the FCP Gallery to meet Gary Taxali. Gary is a contemporary fine artist known for his retro vintage pop art style rooted from an award-winning illustration background. He is a fine artist, illustrator, toy designer, OCAD U Associate Professor, and a member of the Stamp Advisory Committee for Canada Post.

Gary Taxali has been trailblazing a path that intersects the paradoxes/anxieties of contemporary society through imagery of bygone eras. Reminiscent of 1930’s depression era signs, posters, packaging, vintage graphics and ephemera, Taxali confronts themes of human relationships, love, sex, isolation, frustrations and consumerism through our yearning for nostalgia.

Brad Wheeler of the Globe and Mail, notes that “A documentary on his work is titled The Art of Whimsy, he cashes cheques from The New Yorker regularly and he’s been commissioned by everyone from the rock band Pearl Jam to the Canadian Mint. The OCAD-educated illustrator’s zippy, vintage-styled pop art evokes an instant but vague nostalgia – perfect for this time of year”.

On My Journey Now
The Legacy of John Biggers
January 11, 2017 - April 3, 2017
Two Allen Center, Houston

The legacy of artist John Biggers can be found not only on the walls of Texas Southern University, but in the works of many of his students who are now veterans of Houston’s art scene. On My Journey Now – The Legacy of John Biggers will highlight early works of Dr. Biggers accompanied by works of his accomplished and respected students, who were taught by him during his 34 years as a professor in the art department he founded at Texas Southern University.

Curated by Sally Reynolds.

January 18 | 5 – 6:30 PM

Window Galleries: Light Movements
Neil Shirreff
January 8, 2017 - February 3, 2017
Canary Wharf, London

The Window Galleries series at Canada Place showcases up-and-coming artists, designers and craftspeople.



Light Movements challenges the act of looking, our perception of color and our fidelity to our sense of sight. The work is comprised of color photo-grams (camera-less photographs) in box frames lit by color changing LED lights. As the lights change color our perception of the photo gram’s color and form is altered. The lights activate and give life to the still image.  What was fixed now appears to be in flux. These changes of color and form create the illusion of motion as they appear to advance and recede before our eyes.

The Works of Gary Taxali
December 12, 2016 - February 3, 2017
First Canadian Place, Toronto

Internationally renowned and acclaimed recipient of numerous awards for his artwork, Gary Taxali has been trailblazing a path that intersects the paradoxes/anxieties of contemporary society through imagery of bygone eras. Reminiscent of 1930’s Depression era signs, posters, packaging, vintage graphics and ephemera, Taxali confronts themes of human relationships, love, sex, isolation, frustrations and consumerism through our yearning for nostalgia.

Window Galleries: Amanda Tong
December 4, 2016 - January 6, 2017
Canary Wharf, London

The Window Galleries series at Canada Place showcases up-and-coming artists, designers and craftspeople.



Chinese culture teaches the importance of having a balanced Yin and Yang diet–eating the right food to maintain a person’s good health. For Amanda Tong, black and white symbolize Yin and Yang. Her ceramic pieces use different mixtures of black and white, representing how each of us has an unbalanced Yin and Yang energy within our body.

December 2, 2016 - January 29, 2017
Brookfield Place New York, New York

Luminaries is a mesmerizing holiday light installation designed by the LAB at Rockwell Group, based on the season’s traditions of sharing, giving, and community. Visitors are immersed in a canopy of glowing lanterns suspended within the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place, each changing color and intensity. For the second year, Arts Brookfield has partnered with the GRAMMY Museum to support music education programs, donating $1 up to $25,000 for every wish made from through January 8.

January 9 – 29:
Experience winter-themed shows every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour starting at 8am and ending at 10pm daily.



Rockwell Group is a 250-person architecture and design firm based in New York with offices in Madrid and Shanghai. Inspired by theater, technology, and high-end craft, the firm creates a unique narrative for each project, ranging from restaurants, hotels, airport terminals, and hospitals, to festivals, museum exhibitions, and Broadway sets. A strong commitment to explore and experiment resulted in the formation of the LAB at Rockwell Group, a design innovation studio that blends interactive technology, architecture, strategy, and storytelling. Collaborations between the LAB and the firm’s architecture and interior design practice include the Hudson Yards Experience Center (New York); 605 Third Avenue (New York); Luminaries at Brookfield Place (New York); TAO Downtown (New York); The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas; Brightline (Miami); The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas; and JetBlue’s T5 Marketplace at JFK International Airport. For more information, visit www.rockwellgroup.com and follow @RockwellGroup on Instagram and Facebook and @Rockwell_Group on Twitter.


The GRAMMY Museum is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created as a partnership  between The Recording Academy and AEG. Paying tribute to music’s rich cultural history, the one-of-a-kind, 21st century Museum explores and celebrates the enduring legacies of all forms of music, the creative process, the art and technology of the recording process, and the history of the premier recognition of excellence in recorded music. The GRAMMY Museum features 30,000 square feet of interactive permanent and traveling exhibits, with four floors of dynamic and engaging multimedia presentations, and is located within L.A. LIVE, the downtown Los Angeles sports, entertainment and residential district. Through thought-provoking and dynamic public and educational programs and exhibits, guests will experience music from a never-before-seen insider perspective that only the GRAMMY Museum can deliver.

Mommy Nearest

Last Wednesdays: Sounds of the Season
November 30, 2016
One New York Plaza, New York

Participate in Last Wednesdays, a monthly salon at One New York Plaza! Please stop by to say hello, ask a question, tell us what you think, play a song on the piano, or toss a beanbag.

Celebrate the holiday season with carolers, klezmer music, and more!



8:30 – 9:30 AM: Original Dickens Carolers

10:00 – 11:00 AM: Angie Zhang, Classical Piano

11:15 AM – 12:15 PM: Dan Martin Trio

12:30 – 1:30 PM: Metropolitan Klezmer

1:45 – 2:45 PM: David Meder, Jazz Piano


March 30
April 27
May 25
June 29
July 27
September 28
October 26
November 30



Original Dickens Carolers were established in 1986 and are classic Victorian carolers.  They are an a cappella quartet with a timeless feel that love to spread cheer with their traditional holiday carols in 4-part harmony.  If the spirit moves you, please sing-a-long to your favorite yuletide song!


Classical pianist from The Julliard School

Described as a “valuable advocate for classical music from her generation” by NY Concert Review, pianist Angie Zhang, 20, is a proud recipient of the Kovner Fellowship at Juilliard and a student of Yoheved Kaplinsky. An active member of her school community, she has been a Student Ambassador, Admissions Tour Guide, Gluck Community Service Fellow, a Barnard-Columbia-Juilliard Exchange Student, and Chair of Student Council for two years.  She most recently won top prizes at the New York International Piano Competition and PianoArts Competition, and won the 2016 Julliard Concerto Competition. She has also won the 2014 Aspen Festival Concerto Competition, among others.


The Dan Martin Trio has been playing jazz all over the Northeast for over ten years. Leader/bassist Dan Martin has also performed with Gary Burton, Marc Ribot, Kristin Chenoweth and Bruce Barth. Dan Martin Music provides world-class jazz groups for parties, and for corporate clients like Saks, Facebook and Forbes.

Guitarist Nick Russo has performed throughout the U.S., and in Japan, Spain, Brazil and Canada. Nick has played with Jimmy McGriff, Teddy Charles, Victor Jones and Sonny Dallas. He has taught at Manhattanville College and Essex College.

Saxophonist/flutist Jenny Hill plays jazz, classical, reggae and Latin music. Jenny tours with the Easy Star All Stars, and teaches jazz and classical music at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and the 92nd Street Y.


Hailed as “one of the finest American Klezmer bands” by Songlines Magazine (UK), Metropolitan Klezmer performs an exhilarating range of musical treasure with astonishing agility and refreshing depth. The neo-traditional group, now in their 22nd year, has garnered raves for latest album Mazel Means Good Luck — recorded live at The Emelin Theatre (with bonus tracks from Cooper Union Great Hall and J. Edgar Klezmer). Touring coast-to-coast and broadcast worldwide on HBO, PRI, NPR, WDR and beyond, this collaborative adventure of exceptional New York musicians combines the best of downtown, classical and World Music scenes to create inspired interpretations and original compositions around a panoply of eclectic Yiddish-rooted repertoire: ethereal trance, rollicking dance, imaginatively-arranged Yiddish swing and tango, plus genre-expanding originals such as klezmer cumbia. Metropolitan Klezmer bandmates bring together stylistic backgrounds from Latin jazz to funk and folk, Balkan to zydeco, and reggae to baroque complete with panoramic instrumental array, creating a unique musical sound both “exuberantly eclectic and very danceable” (Flavorpill) — “anything but stereotypical and nothing but terrific.”


Jazz pianist from The Julliard School

Pianist and composer David Meder is poised to become one of the most prominent musical voices of his generation.  He is the winner of the 2013 Great American Jazz Piano Competition and has received two DownBeat Magazine Awards for “Best Instrumental Jazz Soloist.” As a composer, he has also received recognition in the ASCAP Young Jazz Composers Competition. Meder has studied with Jean-Michel Pilc, Ari Hoenig, Fred Hersch, Mark Turner, and Marcus Roberts, among others. In 2011, Meder was selected to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. as part of the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead residency program. Meder has performed as a sideman at a host of venues including Smalls Jazz Club and Smoke, and has also led his own group in performances at Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola at Jazz at Lincoln Center. He is currently pursuing the Artist Diploma in Jazz Studies at The Juilliard School.