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Jessica Mitchell: In Concert


July 20, 2017

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

First Canadian Place
100 King St. W.,
Toronto, M5X 1H3

Dubbed “Country’s Adele” by multiple media outlets, country singer Jessica Mitchell carves her own path in the male-dominated genre.

For London, Ontario-based artist Jessica Mitchell, leaving rock’n’roll behind was a move that changed her whole life. Inspired by Sheryl Crow and Tori Amos, Mitchell spent the better part of the past decade allowing herself to become more vulnerable in her music and storytelling – something that was ultimately blocked by her desire to create music for a specific genre, instead of creating music for the story she really wanted to tell. Now, with a new sound and the confidence to put everything out on the table, to call the country songstress an open book would be saying the least.

Mitchell’s past struggles with addiction, mental illness, and losing her mother to cancer come to light through such tracks as “That Record Saved My Life” and “Grown Up Things”. As an artist defined by bluesy heartbreak, pain, and los—at times deemed too “dark” for mainstream radio—the real break-through moment for Mitchell came in 2016: after receiving a standing ovation for her soulful, raw performance at the Country Music Association of Ontario awards, she heard her song “Workin’ on Whiskey” receive radio air-time for the first time, a moment she responded to with nothing short of tears and total gratitude.

In an interview with Chatelaine magazine, Mitchell spoke about how her openness with personal experiences has made her music more relatable: “I’m a stronger person now [because of it],” says Mitchell. “I think people are latching on because I know who I am, and it shows.”


Jessica Mitchell will be performing at FCP Park stage on THURSDAY JULY 20, 12:15 PM as part of the ongoing IN THE PARK summer concert series.